The major New Zealand biodynamic event of the year:

Biodynamic Conference, 23 - 25 May 2014 in Palmerston North

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Other biodynamic events

Sunday 30th March 2pm, Whangarei. Putting down cow horn manure. Preparing and putting down the compost preps. In depth discussions while we work. Spreading of cow horn manure followed by a shared meal. Phone Bert Johnston for directions: 0-9-434 3120

Date to be advised (depends on weather), Baker Oaks, Hamilton. Preparation making. Phone Dianne Baker, 0-7-859-0030, to be on the list for further info

Saturday 8th March, 11am - 2pm, Rosebank Peninsula Hall, 212 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland. Sustainable landscape designs for home gardeners, with Justin Newcombe. Avondale Community Gardeners' first workshop in series 2014. $5 entry, byo lunch. Register with Imi, ph 0-9-828 5854

Friday 21st March, Taruna College, Hawke’s Bay. Winter programme for Certificate in Applied Organics and Biodynamics begins.

Friday 4th, Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th April. ASB Showgrounds, Auckland. Association stall at Go Green Expo with Bert Johnston and Anne Dodds

Saturday 5th April, 7pm, TV1. Country Calendar visits Steve and Jenny Erickson’s Chaos Springs, near Waihi. Steve Erickson, ph 0-7-863 7975,

Saturday 12th April, 11am - 2pm, Rosebank Peninsula Hall, 212 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland. Plants, thehuman body and biodynamic food quality, with Lis Alington. Avondale Community Gardeners' second workshop in series 2014 $5 entry, byo lunch. Register with Imi, ph 0-9-828 5854

Sunday 13th April, Kaipara area, north of Auckland City. Making tree paste (to be confirmed). Contact Leigh,, to be put on the mailing list

Sunday 4th May. Muriwai Road, Waimauku. On farm field day. Contact Ruth Bookman, ph 0-9-411 9488

Sunday 4th May, Whakamarama, Bay of Plenty. Gathering for people interested in biodynamics. Contact Association office for details

Sunday 16th March, Kaipara area, north of Auckland City. Making a cow pat pit (to be confirmed). Contact Leigh,, to be put on the mailing list

Friday 10th October, nationwide. National Preparation Stirring Day

Biodynamics - holistic sustainable organic agriculture
Biodynamic methods work toward the development of the farm or garden as a balanced and sustainable unit. They include organic practices such as crop rotation, recycling through composts and liquid manures, and increasing plant and animal bio diversity. Special plant, animal and mineral preparations are used. The rhythmic influences of the sun, moon, planets and stars are recognised and worked with where possible. These methods lead to a natural reduction of pests and diseases in plants and animals, and an increase in the nutritive and health giving value of food produced.

There are biodynamic organisations around the world that have great resource materials available. Here are a few

 Listen to biodynamic adviser Peter Proctor discussing biodynamics with Kim Hill on Radio NZ National

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Biodynamic Education
Taruna College Certificate in Applied Organics and Biodynamics

The Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association was formed in 1939 to promote biodynamic methods.

The objects of the Association are to foster, guide and safeguard in New Zealand the biodynamic approach to agriculture, horticulture, forestry and animal husbandry as initiated by Rudolf Steiner in 1924 and as practised progressively since that time.

Membership is open to anyone interested in biodynamic farming and gardening methods. There are currently about 800 members who include farmers, processors, orchardists, commercial and home gardeners as well as others who wish to support this work. New members receive a copy of the current Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Calendar, copies of Harvests, and information booklets on a range of management practices such as how to use biodynamic preparations and how to make compost and liquid manures.

Demeter is a world wide certification system (in over 50 countries), used to verify to the consumer that food or product has been produced by biodynamic methods. The Bio Dynamic Association is the certifier in New Zealand. Click here for information on how to gain a Demeter certification. Click here for more information about Demeter food.

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Other activities
Magazine: The Association's magazine, Harvests is published three times a year and sent to all members as part of their annual subscription entitlement. Subscription is via membership. It covers a variety of aspects of biodynamic farming and gardening. Click here for a contents page. A short newsletter is sent in between issues of Harvests.

Calendar: A comprehensive calendar providing information on moon and planet cycles and explanations on how to use the information to enable farming and gardening activities to be carried out at optimal times. Click here to see a recent calendar page.

Education: Taruna College runs a certificate course in applied organics and biodynamics. This increasingly popular course is distance education with a difference. During the year there will be a variety of regional meetings and workshops including:

Biodynamic Advisory workshops are being developed to assist those interested in deepening their understanding and improving their farming and gardening practices. Further information about the programmes will be posted as it becomes available.

Other activities for members: These include provision of the biodynamic preparations, book loans and sales. Click here for details and a members' order form.

Regional Groups: There are groups running activities in many regions. Click here for regional group contact names.

Genetic Engineering
Release of genetically engineered organisms would compromise NZ farming. More information here  

Other Organisations/Links
Organics Aotearoa New Zealand (OANZ): Umbrella organisation for the organic sector in New Zealand, launched in November 2005. OANZ has launched an organic advisory service and is assessing associated research and development needs. click here to transfer to the OANZ website. The Bio Dynamic Association is a member of this organisation.
Information on alternatives to Copper Chrome Arsenate treated posts - booklet (Pdf, 442 Kb) can be downloaded here 

Organic sector organisations: The Bio Dynamic Association has close working relationships with BioGro NZ,  Soil and Health Association, and OENZ (Organic Exporters of NZ).

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