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The Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association is an incorporated society and registered charity governed by an elected Council.

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Logie Mackenzie

Logie Mackenzie (Chair)

I was born in Inverness Scotland where I lived till 2002 when I immigrated to New Zealand. I was brought up on a mixed farm before obtaining a Bachelor of Technology degree in Agriculture. On my arrival in New Zealand I spent some time traveling before taking on the vineyard manager’s job for Brunton Road and Matawhero Wines in Gisborne. Meeting James Milton in Gisborne was the real start of my journey into biodynamics. Listening to him talk resonated with my thinking and answered many of my questions; the whole bigger picture started to come together. But it is trying to understand this picture and the subtle forces within it that will be a life of learning. I studied the Taruna introduction to Biodynamics and Organics in 2010 and I currently work for Accolade Wines as their Grower Viticulturist based in Marlborough. I also run my own business, L2 Limited, which focuses on providing knowledge and skills on sustainable viticulture.  Management and consulting services are provided to vineyards especially those using biodynamic and organic management systems. I am married to Leisha and we have two young children, Neive and Matheson. I can also be frequently found on the golf course when my wife is not looking!  logie@biodynamic.org.nz 

Margaret (Margi) Boswell

Margaret (Margi) Boswell

After many years growing organically it seemed a natural progression for me to move into biodynamics. In a ‘hands on’ role as a vineyard manager and viticulturist I have been the driving force in creating a certified organic, biodynamic vineyard and farm in South East Auckland. There I have been able to share my knowledge on a daily basis with the owners, staff, wwoofers and clientele alike. I have loved the opportunity to educate about the vines, vegetable and orchard growing, animal husbandry and the use of biodynamics – from making preparations through to application. I am passionate about health, nutrition and or course wine! I hope the skills I bring to the council will benefit all those engaged or interested in biodynamics. margi@biodynamic.org.nz


David Wright (Secretary)

I provide support and record keeping for the Association’s Council and do the day to day management. I also support the Demeter certification scheme – I keep the records, negotiate with licensees and do some of the inspections (audits).

Some years ago I was a teacher in a Steiner (Waldorf) School and before that a small grower of fruit and vegetables. I have also been an editor for a publisher of law and educational books. But before all that I gained a tertiary education in mathematics and science. All these experiences seem to have served me well as preparation for my varied roles at the Biodynamic Association.

Biodynamics complements science beautifully, for  it makes us look at gardening and farming in a different way. When science is applied to agriculture and horticulture it often leads us to look at things in small detail. Which nutrient is missing? Which bug is disrupting the crop? Which parasite is disturbing the animals? But what about the whole system – how the soil, plants, animals and people all fit together to make a healthy whole? Biodynamics makes us look at a bigger picture, and apply the science in a different way and so develop new insights. david@biodynamic.org.nz 


Su Hoskin

Originally from Hertfordshire in the UK, I’ve had the pleasure of living in New Zealand since 2003 and have resided in Wanaka for the past 12 years enjoying the vibrant social scene, breath-taking scenery, and the strong community vibe.

In 2006 I studied The Certificate in Applied Organics & Biodynamics at Taruna. Working in harmony with nature makes economic and moral sense. I’ve dedicated, with integrity, the past decade to practicing this fascinating life science on various properties. On the strength of local interest, I ran an introductory course into Biodynamics in 2010 and co-hosted a field trip for the 2011 B D Conference at Glendhu Station. My role as coordinator alongside John Ridout for the 2012-2013 in take of students for the Taruna course held in Central Otago fuelled my passion for the subject.

I’m currently employed as an organic and biodynamic facilitator for Vinewise Viticulture, advising for and applying biodynamic principles to two vineyards in particular, Domaine Thomson and Domaine Rewa. Last year I organised a seminar for those wishing to increase their knowledge of the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, from which developed a regular discussion group. My aspiration is to continue to promote learning opportunities and workshops for the benefit of the whole.

I feel very privileged to be elected onto Council and hope to share my enthusiasm with the association.

Greg Turner

I live in Kairanga, just outside Palmerston North.  My wife, Joanne, and I have a small Demeter-certified berry business producing raspberries, boysenberries, and blackcurrants.  We both completed the Spring Course in Biodynamic Agriculture at Taruna in August 1999, and we achieved Demeter certification for our property in 2001.  Joanne looks after the day-to-day berry growing while I work full-time as a manager for the local electricity lines company in Palmerston North.

Being something of an analytical person, I have from time to time wondered exactly what it is about Biodynamics that really appeals to me.  Lots of ideas come to mind, but ultimately I think it just feels like the right thing to do.  As farmers and gardeners that is often the best approach to take, simply take some time to tune in to your environment, and have faith in your intuition to guide your work.

Niki Morrell

Niki Morrell

I live on a 25 hectare block in the Nelson Lakes district, where my husband Ewan and I rear Highland cattle, Wiltshire sheep and crazy, tyrannical chooks. We also grow saffron.  I’m new to biodynamics, having wandered down the road for a nosy when the 2013 conference was held in St Arnaud and then falling in love with the philosophy and the people I met there. The outstanding quality and vibrance of the food served over that weekend was pretty persuasive too.

I have a qualification in permaculture design. I’m a writer by profession and I’m passionate about communication, education and growing stuff. I hope my skills will be useful to the Association and I look forward to broadening my biodynamic network during my tenure on Council.

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