In addition to receiving free copies of Harvests, the Calendar and information leaflets, members have access to the following:

Water VortexBiodynamic preparations:

These are plant, animal and mineral preparations used in homeopathic quantities. Members report that they enhance soil activity and plant life processes. Some are added to composts and liquid manures, others are used as ground and foliar sprays. They are made by the Association and supplied to the members at a reasonable price. Members can - and do - produce the preparations themselves if they wish.

Book sales:

The Association at present has the following book for sale:

Grasp the Nettle: Making Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Work
By Peter Proctor
With Gillian Cole

"The bulk of this book is exactly what people thinking of biodynamics want: a practical introduction to the how of biodynamics. How to make and apply Prep 500, convert a farm property (with a number of case studies) and a lot more. In short, how biodynamics can actually be used in the real world." - Growing Today

Available from the Association office at $34.95 (GST incl).

Members' library:

A postal lending library for members contains a wide range of relevant books.

Kete Ora Trust:

This is a charitable trust, set up to fund research and education projects that will promote biodynamic, organic, or other sustainable land management for agriculture, horticulture, forestry and animal husbandry.

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