Reading About Biodynamics

Books available from the Association

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Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Calendar
(June – Aug prices, calendar year ends 31 May 2015)
Non Members $32.00
Members (extra copy) $17.05

Biodynamic Perspectives – Ed: G Henderson $16.50
Wide range of articles on useful practical topics

The Sustainable Dream – J Pearce $13.90
Choosing and using your land

Review of Organic Land Management Research
Association R&D Group survey of world
scientific literature $30.80

Biodynamics in Home Garden – P. Proctor $26.70

Fifty Years Practice of Biodynamic Agriculture
How to apply it in the Vineyard – F Bouchet $60.00

One Man, One Cow, One Planet (DVD) $25.90

NZ Organic Production Standards for Biodynamic
Agriculture (Demeter Standards) $29.10

Biodynamic Pasture Management – P Bacchus $27.00

Food Full of Life – G Bacchus $35.00

Books are supplied as orders are received